June 21, 2021 - Lee Cantelon

The Fine Line of Tomorrow’s Technology Today

Microboard’s custom-built CTI laser de-paneler is a real game changer.

In balancing cost, efficiency, and quality in manufacturing today’s electronic designs that leverage ever smaller technologies, the old approaches just don’t “cut it”, literally. When it comes to precision, high speed de-paneling of complex circuit card assembly arrays, Microboard has chosen to implement the latest manufacturing solution.

“Cutting-edge technology” may be somewhat of an overused cliché, but when it comes to the deployment of our custom-built CTI Systems laser de-paneler, it’s a more than accurate description and a differentiator on our production floor. With a .0005 inch, dust-free cutting accuracy speed of 39 inches per second across a full range of cut types including lines, arcs, angles and 3D topography, and no mechanical contact during de-paneling, it’s a real game changer.

In keeping with our “brilliant together” formula, Microboard ordered the custom CTI machine for one specific customer whose product was comprised of an abundance of flexible circuits which presented a complex challenge to achieve repeatable results at high volume. The new CTI laser de-paneler handled these demands in stride, resulting in high throughput, high precision cuts with a minimum of debris. It’s just one example of Microboard’s investment in leading-edge equipment tailored around our customer’s requirements. But as one customer put it recently, “That’s precisely where we expect Microboard to be.”

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