Humanitarian Projects

For 40 years, Microboard has been involved in aid projects among the world’s absolute poor, marginalized, and crisis-impacted peoples.


Our 40th Anniversary World Missions Map depicts the nine specific missions Microboard supports, 
as well as our most recent addition of the Sandy’s Helpers program in Nigeria. Included on the map
is the first work Microboard supported, Help for Christian Nationals, a mission we have continued 
to partner with since 1983. The other missions Microboard currently supports are Josephs International
School in Jaipur, City Ministries and the Leah Foundation in Nigeria, WorldServe International’s clean
water initiatives, The Peace, Healing, and Reconciliation Program in Kenya that was born out of the
Rwanda crisis in 1994, Reaching A Generation in Zambia, The Village of Hope in Zimbabwe,
and The Rebuilders and Compassion Ministry in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Sandy's Helpers

Sandy's Helpers "What about the animals?

Project Hope

Project Hope India

City Ministries

City Ministries Nigeria

World Serve

World Serve Clean Water


Rebuilders The Drc

Compassion Ministry

Compassion Ministry The Drc

Reaching A Generation

Reaching A Generation Zambia

Help For Christian Nationals

Help For Christian Nationals

Village Of Hope

Village Of Hope Zimbabwe