Microboard’s industry-leading software packages provide fast, reliable responses in today’s complex, rapid-paced Electronics Manufacturing environment.

Microboard’s commitment is to bring together the best team possible to meet our customers’ needs. Teamwork across the board is an essential part of our success as a company, and this includes Software. The formula is simple: People, plus hardware, plus the most advanced and efficiency-capable Software equals a successful product and lasting customer relation.

  • IHS BOM Manager – Real Time BOM Lifecycle Risk Analysis, Electronic Component Attributes and Datasheets
  • PolyDyne QuoteWin – Standardized and Streamlined RFQ Management
  • Infor – ERP/MRP System
  • Aegis – Manufacturing Execution System, Product Traceability
  • Fuji Flexa, Fuji Trax – SMT Process Management, Consolidated Kitting, Component Traceability