June 11, 2021 - Nicole Russo


Microboard has leveraged or utilized or implemented Takaya systems since 1996, benefiting our customers by bridging the gap between ICT (In-Circuit Test) and functional test, and our 8400 Takaya series did a great job. But as components became increasingly smaller and test requirements intensified, we  engaged our experienced engineering team to research advanced technology test solutions and made the investment in Takaya’s new, cutting-edge series to meet our customers’ critical test needs. Now, with the introduction of our new set of Takaya‘s APT1400F Flying Probe systems, we’ve been hosting special LUNCH & LEARN sessions with key customers to share just how excited we are to be setting the pace with this fantastic addition to our manufacturing test capabilities. With their “soft touch” capability (no witness marks), ability to hit .0201 pads, speed, ten-times-greater accuracy, and embedded AC Programmable generators that enable us to conduct power testing, the APT1400F Flying Probes make wonderful lunch conversation! If you’re hungry for more information please review this high tech equipment at www.microboard.com/process-excellence/equipment/

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