June 28, 2019 - Lee Cantelon

Summer Interns Making a Positive Impact at MicroBoard

Educator and Civil Rights activist, Mary McLeod Bethune, always acknowledged the potential of youth in her lectures and how essential it was for society to be able to move forward from old ideas and practices to embrace the power of what the future held. “We have a powerful potential in our youth,” she would say, “to carry us towards good ends.”

Every summer, Microboard is proving this true during our internship program. Still in June, we’re already recognizing the benefits of having young talent, creative minds and fresh perspectives as part of our team. One collaboration, comprised of interns Kallie Dougherty and Liam Fitzgerald, have completed a study of CRM analytics (Customer Relationship Management) and written a tutorial to assist Microboard’s internal website team to better serve, inform, and respond to customers and suppliers. This Friday (June 28), Liam presented his study to VP of Sales, Bryan Brady, and next week both Kallie and Liam will conduct a tutorial workshop that they’ve written in the Microboard boardroom, one that will be viewed outside the company as well to a live WebEx audience.

“It’s been a particular joy having Liam and Kallie as my summer intern team,” Lee Cantelon (Microboard Marketing and Publishing Director) said today following the meeting with Bryan. “Their ability to collaborate, intuit, connect the dots between different types of software programs, and put together a workshop where they will share what they’ve learned with other members of our staff is impressive. Kallie and Liam are an example of the kinds of contributions the internship program brings to the company. The combined efforts of our interns this summer is guaranteed to leave us with new ideas and practices, some that we will be employing long after they’ve returned to school in the Fall.”

If you’re looking for a challenging and creative summer internship, contact Rebecca Festa in our Human Resources department for more details. Openings are already being booked for our 2020 program. Write to: rfesta@microboard.com

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