Microboard Mini Series

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Ep.1 - Introduction to Microboard

President & CEO, Nicole Russo, tells the story of how we began building some of the most sophisticated electronics on the market with a commitment to humanitarian service. 

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Ep. 2 - History

Craig Hoekenga founded Microboard in 1983 with 2 goals in mind. To manufacture the most leading-edge technology, and to support the world’s poorest of the poor. Saying yes to the mission has been an integral part of Microboard’s history with Director of Foreign Missions, Lee Cantelon 

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Ep.3 - Process Excellence

Microboard’s commitment to a zero-defect culture in an industry where mistakes have critical consequences. Learn about the importance of taking risks in expansion from VP of Business Development, Bryan Brady.

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Ep.4 - Innovation & Technology

We keep up with industry trends, always looking to invest in leading-edge technology. Listen to why our team, looks forward to incorporating 3D Printing PCBs and Optical Technology in the future.

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Ep.5 - Customer Experience

By consistently executing complex program, Microboard has earned the trust of customers by providing high quality products with on time delivery. We promise a brilliant future for our customers, employees, and mission’s partners!

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Ep.6 - Employee Experience

Finding talent is critical. Microboard’s secret sauce is the success of our people who are committed to teamwork, common goals, and developing skills. Our employees are committed to every aspect of the company from solving complex technical challenges to serving in our humanitarian projects.

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Ep.7 -Humanitarian Missions

Since our founding, Microboard’s core mission has been to support the world’s poorest of the poor. We strive to keep our founder’s legacy alive by supporting 9 humanitarian projects around the word. Microboard’s employees and 3rd generation has embraced this mission with open arms. It’s all apart of being brilliant together!

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