In Loving Memory of Justine Grueb

"And I see your true colors shining through,

I see your true colors and

that's why I love you."

True Colors, song by Cyndi Lauper, songwriters Anna Kendrick & Justin Timberlake

Justine loved the color and the colors of life: red for love, orange for energy, yellow for happiness, green for new beginnings, and blue for serenity and calm. She brought all of these qualities into our lives and brightened our world ever since becoming part of our Microboard family in July of 2018. Justine was one of those rare individuals who managed to see every aspect of life not for what it is, but for how it could be. Her presence and participation in Microboard’s world made us a happier, closer-knit, and more productive family of coworkers and friends. Her time with us influences who we are and are destined to become. With her passing, we take great comfort in words written long ago to a small group of Christian believers in Corinth: “The body may perish, but it will be raised imperishable; it may decay, but it will be raised in new glory; it may become weak, but it will be raised in power; it may suffer in the natural world, but it will be raised to one that is spiritual.” – I Corinthians 14:42-44