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Automated Climate-Controlled Inventory Towers

When it comes to component tracking and stock accuracy, MYDATA solutions offer the industry’s most precise and error-free systems. From barcode scanning with on-screen instructions, to compact, automated storage units, material handling has never been this simple and error-free.  Accurate inventory management and MYDATA’s material handling systems ensure fast, accurate feeder loading and gives MPI unparalleled stock accuracy. With just two barcode scans you can load a reel, stick, or tray into a magazine and all part traceability is automatically maintained.

Automated Inventory Controlled X-Ray Counter

The VJ Electronix XQuik II with AccuCount is designed to reduce time and manpower required for incoming inspection and cycle counting of electronic components. MPI is able to automatically update inventory and the system’s proprietary technology allows MPI to automatically detect component size and report total component count.

MPM Solder Paste Printers

MPM printers pioneered Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solder paste printing and continue to lead the industry in performance and excellence in printing electronic materials, including extra solder and glue dispense. MPM’s innovative team of engineers continue to meet these demands as technology evolves, even though these growing challenges have served to narrow the ‘process window’ for SMT printing. MPM’s printers help MPI meet customer demands with unmatched performance, reliability, and quality results, and continue to be the global Gold Standard for delivering fast, accurate, and repeatable printing of electronic materials onto PCBs in the SMT assembly process.

Koh Young 3D Solder Paste Inspection

Koh Young’s name is immediately synonymous with industry-leading measurement accuracy and inspection reliability, offering the perfect solution to eliminate shadow problems with base plane settings. Problems with projection direction are solved with their full 3D foreign material inspection solution for the entire PCB, high productivity through the highest accuracy, and full 3D data-based process optimization.

Multiple Fuji NXT III SMT Lines – capable of 03015M chip placement

With our multiple Fuji NXT III SMT lines, MPI is positioned to handle a full spectrum of parts using a single platform. Changing modules allows for quick configuration to accommodate changes in production quantities and layouts, with capability of placing 03015M parts. The NXT III’s are a valuable asset in meeting our customer’s most demanding requirements, expectations, and deadlines.

FUJI NXT III placing parts.

Vitronics Soltec XPM3m Convection Reflow Ovens

Designed to deliver maximum thermal performance combined with process capability and control. The Vitronics Soltec XPM3m Convection Reflow Oven platform offers a combination of industry proven technologies in a reliable and efficient reflow system for high-end production requirements.

IBL Vapor Phase System

IBL patented Soft Vapor Phase (SVP) technology provides total process control, supporting a wide range of temperature controlled soldering profiles. Lead-free and leaded soldering can be supported with the same fluid, realizing different maximum temperatures for the assembly.

Their wealth of soldering experience and innovative process developments makes IBL Technologies a market and technology leader in vapor phase soldering.

The main advantages of Vapor phase soldering are a non-oxygen environment, the elimination of overheating, and the possibility of the vacuum application, which can guarantee undeniably higher quality solder joints, especially in regards to void formation.

Mirtec Automated Optical Inspection Systems

MIRTEC has earned a solid reputation with leading OEM and EMS companies throughout the world for their technologically advanced Inspection Systems in the Medical, Aerospace, and Defense market sectors (among others). Persistently focused on using state-of-the-art optics, lighting and laser technology in the development of their inspection solutions, MIRTEC’s automated systems are a valuable asset in providing state-of-the-industry quality to our customers.

Ersa Selective Solder

Best in Class Selective Soldering system from the world market leader. Ersa’s VERSAFLOW system offers leading edge technology and modular design that matches the highest demands of flexibility and throughput.

Electrovert Aquastorm 200 Aqueous Cleaner

Using dynamic jet technology the Electrovert Aquastorm series precision cleaning systems are considered the industry’s best for performance, quality construction, and life cycle durability. Designed to provide superior cleaning and drying performance, complete cleaning process flexibility and monitoring, all with unparalleled reliability.

Vitrox V810 Series II 5D X-Ray Laminography System

Winner of many Global Technology Awards, the Vitrox V810 Series II 5D X-Ray system is the world’s fastest and best coverage 3D AXI solution for PCB SMT assembly.

Asymtek 920N BGA Underfill

The Asymtek 920N is an industry leader in dispensing, coating, and jetting technologies, offering high-speed, high-accuracy coating systems for high productivity applications. The S-920N series leverages over 25 years of Nordson ASYMTEK automated fluid dispensing technology.

Thermotron Thermal Chamber

Our thermal shock testing subjects our products to alternating extremes of high and low temperatures in order to view changes in characteristics and failure occurrences caused by material and thermal expansion. Thermotron’s thermal shock and stress chambers are designed to operate in accordance with reliability programs, quality control, commercial test programs, and military test standards.

On-Site Nitrogen Generation

Allowing for a safer workplace environment, and a step towards better environmental stewardship, MPI relies on our on-site Nitrogen generation system, realizing greater efficiency and a new direction in exponential manufacturing cost savings.